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Date Final Franchise Brochure for Abax (But Size)    
  Mr. Garg MBD  
  Mr. Chauhan  
19/08/08 Lt. Col. S.S. Duhoon,
690/2, Shastri Nagar,
Shri. Uday Bhan Singh Teotia (Retf. DIG),
G-35, Shastri Nagar,

We are extremely impressed with the facilities provided to veterans by this Trust. The location, the layout is most suitable for Senior Citizens. We wish the Trustees all the success in their noble mission.
11/08/08 Sh. Abhishek Sharma,
Principal Coorespondent IBN-7,
9837099513 I have never seen before an Old Age Home like this. It is trying to circulate positive message towards humanity. Thanks.
13/07/08 Dr. Manjula Lakanpal,
44, Murari Puram,
Garh Road, Meerut
I am impressed seeing the ambience of this place. The concept of the project is very good & I wish this organisation all the best.
20/06/08 Sh. A.K.Dubey,
9 sr., MIG, Balaghat Colony,
Jagdalpur, Distt.-Bastar ,Chhatisgarh
07782-226205 09425261352 Abha Manav Mandir is an ideal organisation and I would like to join this organisation after my retirement.
03/03/08 Shri. Jai Krishan Agarwal,
ND - 59, Pitampura,
New Delhi - 110034
9312255664 Calm and peaceful atmosphere, neat & clean. Staff behavior is very polite and cooperative.
21/12/07 Dr. Veena Bansal,
145 / 3, Thapar Nagar,
2519823 I am amazed to see this “Home” with its serene surroundings. Aesthetic sense surround the place, seems to exude warmth. May this place become a home for the inmates.
08/12/07 Dr. Rajesh Kapoor, Dr. Gautam Kapoor,
Anand Hospital,
  It was a very satisfying experience to visit this place, we are sure the place will grow with time & serve the humanity at large. Our good wishes to all the people involved in the project. We hope we can be of help to the organisation.
07/10/07 Lt.Col.Mrs. Omkar Singh,
Lt.Col.Mrs. Rana Rao, Meerut
We came to see the Ashram located in Panchvati Colony; We feel it is a wonderful human service ever provided to old people. May God help the Trust to do well in future.
10/09/07 Mrs. Krishna Dhaka, Guru Teg Bahadur School, Meerut 3293573 It is a heaven for old people. I would like to come here after sixty.
27/08/07 Shri. Mangal Vinaik ,
32, Jaganathpuri, Transport Nagar,
Yet to see a Home like this. It is one of the best Homes I have ever seen. Very clean and every little thing of the residents is being looked after.
15/08/07 Smt. Kanta Sharma (B.Tech , IIT Roorkee)
(M.Tech, IIT Roorkee), 2 , Engineers Complex, Sultanpur Road,
Rai Bareilly - 229010
09415034562 Visited the place and had very positive vibration. One day, soon, I may join the team to contribute my time and whatever knowledge I have, with this institute, my good wishes.
07/08/07 Lt. Col. P.Jaiswal OC SHO,
Meerut Cantt.
  It’s a beautiful place well laid out.
06/08/07 Mrs. Manjula Kapahi, Ex MOD (Eng.), Meerut College, Faculty Eng. Institute of Legal Studies, C.C.S.Univercity,
The place is beautiful, well equipped and fascinating. One gets tempted to become a Senior Citizen soon and come here. The behaviour of the authorities is very polite and congenial. I only suggest a change in the word ‘Vriddh Ashram’, If could be some other name making you not conscious of being ‘Vriddh’.
01/07/07 Sh. R.D. Gupta, Dr. Sanjay Gupta,
K – 1252, Shastri Nagar,
Visited the Ashram, this has been excellently planned with all necessary facilities.
27/06/07 Sh. Devendra Singh Verma Addl. Commissione (Retd.) ,
A - 137, Defence Colony,
Visited this “Sewa Ashram”. It is a place of quietitude and of solace, wonderfully maintained, neat and clean. It is for the men to serve the needy and the lonely. Dedication and devotion is the mantras” to rise from man to angelic heights.
17/06/07 Ms. Gunjan Bansal, New Delhi 9999264875 It indeed a great effort on the part of Trustees & Promoters of the Ashram. Many people think of doing good for others but there are only few who can convert it into a reality. I salute these people. May God bless you.
17/06/07 Sh. Pawan Kumar Agarwal,
9810030110 The efforts made in serving humanity especially in old age, is excellent by Trustees and all persons involved. In the changing atmosphere, it is really needed. I pray that this is maintained properly and get blessing of all the concerned that i.e. old age persons, well wishers make more donations regarding expansion and maintenance. With best wishes.
28/05/07 Dr. Reena Gupta,
Devlok Hospital,
Behind – Gandhi Ashram,
Too good and are inspiration for youngs how to take care of their elders. Their requirements are less; they only want RESPECT & some of your Time.
05/05/07 Sh. Vimal Sarpal,
B - 66, Pandav Nagar,
One of the best places I have ever seen for the service of mankind. May God bless the place and shower all the goodness to its creators.
29/04/07 Sh. Naresh Rana,
F – 273, Ganga Nagar,
24010305 WOV! It is beautiful as heaven. We feel as paradise here. We can spend our rest of life smoothly as I believe.
24/03/07 B.P.Lal, Mawana Sugar Mills,
Mawana, Distt. Meerut
Marvelously maintained establishment. I am much impressed by all the staff & especially Mr. Singh’s behavior.
23/03/07 Proprieter, M/s Kamal Traders,
Krishna Nagar,
Bulandshahar (U.P.)
I am very impressed by this Ashram. I have no words to express my feelings for devotion for humanity. I would like to thank the members of Trust for opening this beautiful Ashram.
19/03/07 Mrs. Rajni Mahindra,
A - 154, Defence Colony,
I am highly impressed by the work being done at the Ashram. It is well kept and they are taking good care of the aged People. ALL GOOD WISHES.
18/03/07 Sh. V.S.Maheshwary,
C - 3 / 78, Sector 31,
01202452345 It was a pleasure to visit this place, where Senior Residents can live with dignity and grace. I wish this project a great success and congratulate the organisers for their vision.
18/03/07 Sh.R.D.Bingra (Manager),
Punjab National Bank,
9837190282 The Old Age Home is very beautiful &symbol of love to our older persons. Everything is there. It is very nice and clean.  
17/03/07 ChitraMukherji, Retd. Chief Engineer, U.P.P.C.L., Mahanagar Extension, Lucknow 05222321190 The old age home is a labour of love, and it shows. Things have been carried out with meticulous attention to details resulting in ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’. I wish the efforts a great success.
12/03/07 Sh.Vijay Kumar,
C/ O U.T.I. Bank,
9927028724 We are impressed by the approach towards service to the Senior Citizens, who deserve the good living conditions. Abha Manav Mandir is a noble beginning and a commendable achievement of the Trust and Trustees. Our best wishes in the endeavor.
11/03/07 Sh.J.D.Singhal (Income Tax Advocate),
D - 129 , “Ramdhan”, Saket ,
I am highly impressed by the entire planned building & the facilities here. Its decency and nice maintenance shall be helpful for the full occupation soon. I wish all the success.
11/03/07 Sh.Gaurav Singh, 7 - Ashok Vatika,
Prabhat Nagar,
2670007 It was a good experience looking at the facilities and cleanliness which are given with due care to the respected Indian of ours. I wish all the best for the efforts.
11/03/07 Sh. Sukhdev P.Mathur, Ph.D.,
Retd. Scientist, Agric.,
Bravo! What a clean, comfortable and friendly place. Services offered are competent and comprehensive. A great feeling of openness prevails both inside and around the excellent facility.
07/03/07 Sh. A.K.Mittal,
Achal Kothi,
9411804550 I very much appreciate the approach and thoughtfulness that what ever an old man needs has been given due consideration so scientifically. Congratulations.
27/02/07 Sh. M.L.Agarwal, Meerut 2660088 A great boon for old aged persons & it will have its name not only in Meerut but in U.P. I wish grand success of it. Congratulation to its founder members for this noble cause.
27/02/07 Sh.K.P. Singh, A - 6,
Vasant Vihar, Meerut (U.P)
A noble purpose, well maintained, neat & clean. Honour for the society & Meerut. May it progress well.
26/02/07 Sh.B.D.Sharma,
B - 14, Ganga Nagar,
2621384 Abha Manav Mandir is a good and beautiful. Really God lives here. I am very happy. Thank You so much Chairman. This is Very Clean & Nice Place.
22/02/07 Sh.Ram Niwas,
9412749269 Ashram is so beautiful one can not imagine. The atmosphere is also so good which cannot be expressed in words. I really felt happy to visit a shelter for old age people.
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