Abha Manav Mandir

Abha Manav Mandir Varishth Nagarik Sewa Sadan

'Abha Manav Mandir Varishth Nagarik Sewa Sadan' is one of the projects started by 'MANISH GOVIL MEMORIAL TRUST". Till some times back the Trust possessed a rented building for accommodation of 20 senior citizens. To cater the demand for future & for achievement of its mission of Vriddh Sewa, a plot of 4200 sq.yds has been purchased at Panchvati Colony, Mawana Road, Meerut. Its construction of ashram has been completed.

  • Residential blocks along with auditorium and prayer room.
  • Living room equipped with indoor games facilities.
  • Library equipped with religious, social, health care and general books along with daily news papers, weekly/monthly magazines.
  • Clinic - cum - Health care centre where Allopathic / Ayurvedic and Homeopathic treatment would be provided to elderly citizens. Emergency attendant shall also be available.
  • Dining Hall with modern type Kitchen.
  • Laundry Room with washing machine & dryer.
  • Reception
  • Parks with land scaping, greenery and pollution free environment.
  • Rooms for staff and warden.
  • Out door games facilities.
  • Yoga centre.
  • Provision of separate block for ladies, if needed.
  • The Trust has so far spent Rs. 135.5 Lac on the building of Sewa Sadan. This all came from the charities and contribution from the Trustees.

The building of Abha Manav Mandir Vriddh Sewa Ashram is presently two floor structure. Each floor is having approx. 10,000 sqft. covered area. The total covered area is 20,000 sq. ft. If needed, a lift supported 2nd floor is provisioned.Presently 62 seniors can be accomodated.The provisioned capacity of ashram is for 100 senior citizens.

At Abha Manav Mandir Vriddh Sewa Ashram, make your self at home. They say home is where you feel most comfortable. Home is where you can be yourself and greet the world your own way And home is where you can reflect on who you are and who you might yet become. Abha Manav Mandir is your home. We welcome you home. Every thing we do at Abha Manav Mandir is designed to enhance the dignity, independence and individuality of our residents. Helping seniors live the quality of life they want and deserve is our commitment, our privilege and our joy. We believe in celebrating life. And life begins at home.

At Abha Manav Mandir, we believe life is precious and worth celebrating every day. And what better way to celebrate than in a community that feels like home. Inside each of us is an individual. An amazingly complex person. filled with hopes, dreams, needs, experience and a unique perspective on life. We offer a home in which you can thrive. A seniors life, in particular, is an accumulation of richness. Accomplishments. Loves and learnings. Trials and successes. Abha Manav Mandir is a community where that richness can continue to grow.

Short Term Stays

Abha Manav Mandir offers short-term stays that provide services to seniors when family members are away or need short break from care giving. We provide a personalized environment for each resident based on love and dignity. And we back it up with ongoing evaluations and quality improvement efforts to ensure the high standard in assisted living.

Safe Outdoors Activity Areas

Our Reminiscence Neighborhoods also include pleasant place to walk and sit outside, in addition to opportunities for healthy exercise. Nature can have tremendous soothing powers, and here, our residents can enjoy the out doors in a safe and secure way.

Comfort And Care

Discover our beautiful green courtyard and lawns Abha Manav Mandir is offering the right care for each individual. We meet with residents and family members to conduct an assessment, prior to move- in and at regular intervals after move - in, to understand the amqunt of assistance needed. This assessment helps determine appropriate care and service that preserves each resident's dignity, encourages independence and best enables freedom of choice.


Our Mission

  • To Champion the Quality of Life for All Seniors
  • Our Foundational Belief
  • Belief in the Sacred Value of Human life

Our Core Values

  • Passion
  • Joy in Service
  • Stewardship
  • Respect
  • Trust

Our Principles of Service

  • Preserving Dignity
  • Nuturing the Spirit
  • Celebrating Individuality
  • Encouraging Independence
  • Involving family and friends

Fee Schedule

For casual inmates who want to live in the Ashram for short period up to two months but not less than 7 days as per availability on following charges:

  • Rs.2000.00 per week for single occupancy
  • Rs.3000.00 per week for double occupancy
  • Rs.6000.00 per month for single occupancy
  • Rs.8000.00 per month for double occupancy

Such inmates will have to abide by rules of the Ashram during their stay in the Ashram.

For casual inmates who want to live in the Ashram for a period exeeding two months but not less than 4 months as per availability on following charges:

  • Rs.5000.00 per month for single occupancy
  • Rs.6500.00 per month for double occupancy

Such inmates will have to abide by rules of the Ashram during their stay in the Ashram.

In case a senior wants to live alone in a room as a regular inmate, he/she may be allowed if his/her health condition permits so but in that case he / she will not be allowed subsidised treatment and will be required to pay RS.5000.00 P.M.

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